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Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal Model:S20*2.0 , intumescent door seals,Door seals, fire seals, smoke seals, acoustic door seals,self adhesive strips

Item No.: S20*2.0
Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal,expansion ratio 30 times.Whereby joints are quickly closed and a stable,compact char is formed.This guarantees a secure seal against the spread of smoke and fire of the overall construction,    intumescent door seals,Door sea
Product parameters
Intumescent Seal: Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal Model:S20*2.0,Width 20mm,Thickness2mm,expansion ratio 30 times
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Husu®-Fire Prevention Seal is a graphite based intumescent seal, which creates high pressure on expansion.
Husu®-Fire Prevention Seal is particularly characterised by an early starting temperature of approx. 175° C, whereby joints are quickly closed and a stable, compact char is formed. This guarantees a secure seal against the spread of smoke and fire of the overall construction.

Husu®-Fire Prevention Seal is fire resistant protection in joints, slits and other openings in buildings and construction parts.
Fields of applications: Doors and gates, flaps ,cabinet and dividing walls, security, data and switch cabinets, cable runs, ventilation flaps and other shut-off devices. Mainly stripes of Husu®-Fire Prevention  ,but also cut true to shape according to drawings are used.

     -Resistant to atmospheric influences (light, heat, frost, UV-light, humidity)
     -Free of organic solvents and halogen
     -Excellent isolation
     -Creates no pressure on expansion
     -Reduction of waste
     -Excellent Expansion Ratio. Intumescent seal fitted into the head and jambs of the door frame or alternatively into the top and sides of the door leaf itself. in the event of fire intumescent seals expand to 20-30 times their original size sealing the gaps around the door and providing an effective barrier fire and hot smoke

Technical Properties

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