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Damp proof course - DPC is commonly used in the construction of new buildings to avoid damp penetration and mold spreading

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Update time : 2023-11-06 14:24:18


DPC stand for Damp Proof Course. DPC is applied in the base level to protect the structure from the ill effects of moisture and dampness.
To protect walls at different levels DPC is installed at base of all levels. In a building, DPC treatment is given on each floor,before starting brickwork and laying bricks.

The prime use for a Damp proof course is to stop the ingress of moisture and water up to the walls. There are various methods to
do a damp proofing course in a building some of the methods are mentioned below:
* Bituminous membrane damp proofing.
* Integral damp proofing.
* Polyurethane DPC
* Surface treatment.
* Cavity wall construction.
* Guniting.
* Pressure grouting.

Used in the building industry to avoid moisture. It provides a complete and permanent moisture barrier in the protection against
water damage to buildings through the walls and brickwork. Used around brick vents, timber framing, windows and door flashings.
The DPC can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications to restrict upward and horizontal moving water within structure

DPC is unsuitable for use in applications that places high sheer stress on the DPC, such as restraining walls or high flexible
stress, such as freestanding walls and parapets.

The DPC should not be used to restrict the flow of downwards moving water such as above lintels or within cavity walls.

Suitable for use all year round, this DPC is a highly versatile product and is subject to stringent quality controls to meet all
British Standards. If you want to know more, please refer to the link