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Style Your Garden As Your Dream

polyethylene Garden Border Edging Black , Plastic Landscape Edging Grass Border and Root Barrier ,Flexible Border Edge with stakes The garden edge can be bent into any angle or curve as per your needs to fit your garden
Style Your Garden As Your Dream

Flexible border edge ideal for flower beds,borders,paths,tree rings,walkways and ponds highlight the beauty of your garden.Save a lot of land in your yard without complicated installation. NO-digging design keeps your garden looking clean and tidy even in the ground.

Black (other colors also ) border edging which perfectly adapts to the arched and geometric shapes of passages,flower beds, lawns, paths and ponds. The rounded edging is made from flexible polyethylene and is simple to install thanks to the stakes that can be attached to the edging.

This rot-proof border is shock resistant (e.g. from lawnmowers or edgers) and withstands temperature fluctuations.
Soft to the touch, its rounded poses no danger to children and pets.